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  1. Smile Do you print your layouts?

    I have quite a few digi layouts from last year but have never printed them out. Do you print yours? Do they look as you expected them to?
    My main worry is how to display them. I want to find a lovely album, but I don't really know what kind to get or where to find them. How do you display them once you've printed them??

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    I've printed some out from my own printer (the 8x8 size), and put in scrapbooks (the kind with the top-load sleeves) from Michael's, Joanne's, or wherever. If you're not concerned with archiving them forever (you can always print it out again if something bad happens to it), then these inexpensive scrapbooks will do fine. I'm preparing a number of books at the same time for various members of the family, so this works well.
    I would like to know other people's opinions on the various printing options, too. I printed a bunch from Costco and they were fine.
    Another option for you would be to print a book of scrapped pages, from whatever service you choose (Smilebox, Shutterfly, or whatever). It's quite easy to prepare these books, too.

  3. I have printed a few out as 8x8 because if I put it on an 8x10 canvas, I can send it to Walgreen's or WalMart fairly inexpensively. I'd recommend getting it printed in a smaller version before investing in a larger version because the 12 x 12 format can be so expensive to print! Most of them have turned out close to what I expected, but the colors were off in a few. One of them was of some cousins at a reunion and it turned out well enough to do duplicate prints for each of the cousins.

    although there are still occasions for which I would print them, most of them will go on my computer as screensaves or on my digital picture frame at the office for my enjoyment as they rotate.


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    I too print mine in 8x8 format, and have been very pleased with the outcome. I buy my Scrapbooks at Michaels/Target/Joanne's, etc. The best selection I have found has been Michael's. And they always have a 40% off one item coupon in the paper, so that is a great time to get the book. I have seen several printing sites online and do believe there is also a printing site here at GDS. Click on the store tab and you should find the link to it.

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    I have printed some of mine at home at 8x8 but I just LOVE seeing my layouts in 12x12. I have had my 12x12 LOs printed here at gds anmd the service really is awesome! The print quality is fantastic and the delivery was soooo quick - just a few days from the day of order - and I am international. And it is very reasonably priced too. You can find out more here

  6. Oh I love my printed layouts. I have a 12 x 12 printer and have printed many myself but with the cost of ink and paper, I haven't printed any recently and really need to put in an order with the GDS printer.

    I have (2) 12 x 12 albums full of layouts.

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    When I need 12x12 layouts printed I go to Costco (they have 12x18 prints here and I just add 3 4x6 photos to the blank part of the page). If your resolution is high enough, it comes out great! My first attempt was poor because the resolution wasn't hight enough. I've learned my lesson.

    I also print as 8x8 or 8.5x11 at home. The quality isn't as good as Costco though.

  8. Thanks everyone for your tips! I will look into the things you mention. :)

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    I print all mine out in 12x12. I have 3 albums full now and was just dh that I need to get more printed. I feel that if I take the time to make the layouts,I will get them printed. I just called around my town and found who offered printing services. I went to 2 places and found the best one that printed the best. Good luck .. I also get my scrapbooks from different places. Walmart has some nice ones also. I go to craft stores .. they usually have a better selection. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!

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