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    ready and waiting for prompt #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_camargo6 View Post

    Here are the "guidelines"...

    I'll give you a series of "prompts" about every ten minutes over the next hour.

    Use the prompts to create a LO..feel free to ask questions, but remember that it is up to you to interpret the guidelines...

    At the end of the hour, I'll give you another hour to finish up and post your LO in the Speed Scraps Gallery

    Is everyone ready?

  3. GDS products only Jenn?

  4. alreighty then.... off to find a kit

  5. GDS products only Jenn?
    I hope not.... I dont think I have the right kit from GDS

  6. Well, of course we love to see the GDS products, but NO you are free to use whatever you want :-)

  7. Did everyone get number one?

    Here's a flashback...

    1. Pick one striped paper and 3 coordinating solids.

  8. Okie dokie & ty Jenn.

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    I've got my papers ready.

  10. You bet!

    BY the WAY!

    WELCOME! It's great to see you all here!! My kids wait until I try to do something else to NEED me, so I was a little harried getting started :-)

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