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Thread: Designer looking for input!

  1. Designer looking for input!

    Hey everybody! I'd like to get some input on what you all would like to see for new kits. Most of you know my style and the look of my kits so what would you like to see next?
    Any ideas are welcome and much appreciated! Colors, themes, elements, anything.
    Thanks all!

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    Belleville, Illinois
    I am wishing for spring, so I would love to see a kit with some soft pastel colors in it.

  3. Great idea Cathy! How 'bout a pastel, soft kit Christy?
    Maybe a fun sports kit.
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    If you do something spring, can you do tulips and maybe daffodils? I like the normal flower patterns but spring to me really means that first little bit of bulbs budding up. Pastels are nice but maybe not too soft.

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    How about lots of colors - greens, oranges, yellows??

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    Jan 2008
    Mesa, AZ
    How about something "outdoorsy" ... camping/fishing/hiking/dirtbiking, etc... Thanks!

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    Since I'm into martial arts (and so is my kids and DH), and I have trouble finding martial arts kits (or sports kits with martial arts inspired papers and elements), I'd love to see something like that. I have played around to see if I could design something myself, but it's not my thang, ya know?

  8. Hey Christy,
    I would love to see a "tulle" element, my little one has her 1st bday pics in the cutest pink tulle skirt and I can't find any thing to accent it. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

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    thought of something else. I'm always looking for stuff with asian themes or elements. It's Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox) starting Jan 26. Would be nice to have something for that.

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