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Thread: Michiganders?

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    I'm in Grand Blanc, MI.

    Anyone else in Michigan?

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    I am a Michigander too, in Grand Rapids. I know gigichet from this board is one too...she is south of Kalamazoo near Indiana.

    Nice to meet you. Have a great day!
    just me, jessica

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    Hi there! I'm in ohio...right on the border in Maumee, outside toledo. My best friend lives in Tecumseh, and she drives to see me a few times a week. How far are you from border? I'd love to meet someone close to get together for scrap and hybrid craftiness...I'm recently disabled with fibromyalgia, though, so I usually can't drive. I'd love to hear about anything you plan in terms of get togethers, though!

    rachel kendall

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    I lived in Houghton Lake 2 years ago - does that count?? lol

    I moved to ME and I want to go back

  5. I'm in Michigan, right smack-dab in the middle of the mitten (well, about 25 miles from the geographic middle, but close enough to say so ).

    We're hoping to be able to stay in Michigan when we move next fall (after DH graduates from grad school) but chances are good that we'll be moving out of state.
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    I'm in Michigan too - between Flint and Port Huron - I work in Flint though. I don't hybrid scrap, the closest I get to it is scanning papers I bought at a scrap store. I don't paper scrap anymore but my SD does. After I scan, she gets the paper.

    I have a bunch of Michigan freebies buried in the archives of my site.

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    Michigan here

    I to am from Michigan. I am in Harrison Twp which is about 30 mins north of Detroit. Nice to meet you all becuase I am not only new here but new to the whole digital scrapbooking world!! HEHEHE Wish me luck!

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    Dec 2007
    Michigan born and raised, Oxford home town
    I am from Michigan. I live in Oxford, Michigan. It's about 50 miles north or Detroit or 30 south of Flint. Lived here most of my life.

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    Hello ladie I also am from Michigan. I live in Ann Arbor about fifty miles west of Detroit. Nice to see you here. Sandra

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    Mar 2007
    Corunna MI
    I am from MI also, Used to live in West Branch and moved to Corunna 2 years ago. Anyone close to me?

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