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Thread: 12x12 Quickpage Exchange-Holly's Miss Priss & Andrea's Princess Templates

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponicedan View Post
    I finally got my quickpage posted but I had trouble cutting out the hole. I saved it as a jpeg & tried cut available; I saved it as a png & no cut available. I finally gave up. Help....I have spent I know 8 hrs on this.
    OK, I am by no means an expert (these are my 1st QPs), but I use PSE 7.0 and had this problem with my 2nd layout--one of my holes had part of the design connected, and wasn't making a perfect picture hole. I had to remove some layers (like your leaves at the bottom), then re-save as a jpg, then do my rectangle cut (had to use the rectangle, not the magic wand), then re-save as a PNG, where you can re-add your leaves over the frame, then re-save again.

    Then I would get confused as to whether I was using a PSD, JPG, or PNG file. I then found out the hard way that just because you save something in a certain format, doesn't mean that is what appears on the screen to you. You have to go back into your computer and find the file that you saved and open it so you can then edit it in the format that you need.

    I hope this makes some sense and can help. I know it can be frustrating and time-consuming to work with the software (been there), but your page is UNIQUE and ADORABLE!!! Don't lose the faith!!

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    Here is mine.This kit and templates are perfect for girls of all ages.

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    ok finally got my 2 quickpage into 4 shared. Should be good.

    Thanks Holly for the gems. Was just paging through and saw them. They are perfect for the kit.

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    The easiest way to poke a hole is when you still have the file open that has all your layers....that's because one of the layers has the frame and then you can easily use the magic wand to click inside the frame on that layer to get the opening selecting. Then you just click on each layer under that layer and choose Edit > Delete. That will delete the selected area on each layer all the way down to the background paper and thus revealing the transparent background you started with.
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Got mine uploaded. Thanks for the great sparkles and jewels!!

  6. Love all the pages and the ones posted this morning inspired me to look at them all again. I noticed there weren't any with the scrolly frame and so I gave it a shot myself, but I'm not sure how to punch a hole in something like this.

    will wait for further instructions before uploading to the 4shared.

  7. #47 still have your original working file with all the layers, correct?
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  8. Yes, I still have the working files. I guess the question is do I just draw a square in the middle of the green background mat and put the hole there? I know it sounds silly, I just get a little spacially challenged sometimes. I should have just tried it a couple of ways to see what makes sense.

  9. To me, the hole I punched doesn't look quite right, but I inserted a pic and messed around with it a bit and what I uploaded was the best I could do, so hopefully it is ok.

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    I made two pages using Holly's kit and addons with Andrea's templates.

    Here are the links:

    I can so see my niece's pictures in these quick pages!
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