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Thread: Happy Presidents Day

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    Happy Presidents Day

    In honor of Presidents Day here in the US, this weeks game is going to be "list the US presidents in order"

    Same rules as usual
    ~ you must leave 2 posts between each of yours
    ~ the presidents in order - if we goof up and get out of order I will go back in and DQ that post, so check back several posts before yours and make sure they are all in order. If you think someone messed up and I haven't noticed yet, you can say so in your post and go backwards to the next correct one.

    ~ one post will be chosen at random and the poster will win a FREE DAILY DOWNLOAD coupon!

    Have fun - anyone know the FIRST president?

  2. George Washington...

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    John Adams (you had to do presidents? EEkk would have been better at Books written by Stephen King and Richard Bachman lol)
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    Thomas Jefferson

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  5. Presidents

    Come On - last post yesterday!?! Did everybody quit?

    James Madison

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    LOL I would have posted earlier but I had to wait for the two people to post lol.

    James Monroe
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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado

    I was hoping it wouldn't resort to this, LOL, but here is a huge hint ...

    And I promise to keep the games easier from now on!

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    I think it's a Political thing
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  9. Presidents

    Ok we are bumping this up so someone can answer. The last answer was Terrell's "James Monroe". So come on girls! We are educated enough to play this game!

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    Ok, so I don't usually like cheating, but in order to bump this up and let those of you who really know have a go, here's the next one!!

    John Quincy Adams

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