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    I just want to thank you two ladies for the warm welcomes and for being so nice...I just started on here this morning and already it feels like I have been here forever.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

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    Thats why I love this site so much - the members here really are the Best - and you just wait till the others get on line - you'll have even more people 'talking' to you!!

    And, yes, you most certainly can use PS 7 for scrapbooking - a fair fewe people do - or they use PSCS/2 which are just the upgrades.

    Love that about your kids wanting pizza for dinner for the rest of their lives - my 6 year old dd wants to have pizza at her wedding breakast!!! lol!!

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    Oh my gosh, I just looked at the Tutorials page...........I just dont know.......mmmmmmmmmm maybe ill just buy designs and use em......hehhehehe be alot easier.....You guys are great!!!! The I never realized how much goes in to creating these sets......I do graphics for our youth website but they are just simple not like the stuff you guys do!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado

    I am so glad you found GDS, I am so looking forward to getting to know you! I have photoshop cs (8), so I can help you get started scrapbooking, just let me know what you need help with!

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    I need help with it all...........oh my , I don't even know the basics.....If I tell GOD I cant die until I learn this stuff I will be alive forever.....Think that might work?...hehehehe......Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

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    Sep 2006
    Anything is worth a try, Paula!!!! LOL! I will add you to my prayers and hope that all goes well with you!! By the way, welcome to GDS and I know you will love it here!!! The girls here are very informative and friendly, and they know lots about Photoshop! I say they, cause I am just happy using my Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer and creating my simple layouts!!! I would rather scrap then learn... LOL!!

    Anyways... make sure you stay and join in some of the challenges and chats we have going on... they are lots of fun!!!


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    Welcome Paula!!! I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!! It is just like family here......if you ever need anything...everyone is here to help! I will be praying for your heart transplant to come through quickly. You sound like a great mom!! I have 3 children: Andy is 14, Jael is 4, and Sawyer is almost 2.

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    Hi Paula! Welcome to GDS (lol..again)... What a blessing you have with all those munchkins and it sounds like you're staying really strong for them. I've got you in my prayers too as well as your family. I really hope the transplant happens soon and all goes well. I really admire your sense of spirit.

    Btw, I use elements and love it. My biggest suggestion to you is to start with quick pages. That way you can get your feet wet "gently" and once the concept of manuevering around seems more comfortable, you'll be off and running! Please holler anytime with any questions or help you may need.

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    I downloaded that elements program but it's like learning a new language...I do good to speak english...know what I mean...hehehe.....I thank you all for the wonderful welcome and the prayers are greatly appreciated!!!! One thing you will learn about me is...I try to be funny......I am not a down person...atleast I try not to be..I have my days....but I refuse to fill sorry for myself...this is the hand life delt me and I am gonna play until I run out of cards....No "folding" here ladies!!!! Thank you much!!!!!!!!!!!!....Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    Paula, Hey!
    I can give you some sites for freebies.
    Here of course, and She has some lovley stuff.
    Here are some blogs that list freebies everyday.
    And if you register at
    They have a freebie section and is giving a mega kit away now.
    You must register to be able to access these.
    I hope no one minds that I listed these here for you.
    The ladies here are marvelous designers, and sell some really terrific stuff.
    There were 8 kids in my family. 5 boys and 3 girls. You have quite a handful!
    If you need anything just holler.
    My thoughts and prayers are for that heart to come quickly!!!
    You sound very positive and upbeat. I admire your spirit too!


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