My name is Paula, I am 32, married and have 9 children...7 boys and 2 girls.....Ijust started digital scrapbooking a few days ago so I am pretty new and wondering what in the world I am doing.....I am waiting on a Heart Transplant so I dont go out much but I love being on the computer and I have pictures of my family out the wazoo so I figured this would be a goodway to keep myself occupied and to keep myself from thinking about the transplant and how nervous I am about it.......I dont really know how to do this, I know a few things but not enough, so if any of you have any tips you would be willing to share I would appreciate it very much...I dont have alot of money(the kids all get that...hehe) so if you know any sites where there are freebies I could get started with I would appreciate that too....Thank you so much......Paula