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Thread: Very New At This

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  1. Red face Very New At This

    My name is Paula, I am 32, married and have 9 children...7 boys and 2 girls.....Ijust started digital scrapbooking a few days ago so I am pretty new and wondering what in the world I am doing.....I am waiting on a Heart Transplant so I dont go out much but I love being on the computer and I have pictures of my family out the wazoo so I figured this would be a goodway to keep myself occupied and to keep myself from thinking about the transplant and how nervous I am about it.......I dont really know how to do this, I know a few things but not enough, so if any of you have any tips you would be willing to share I would appreciate it very much...I dont have alot of money(the kids all get that...hehe) so if you know any sites where there are freebies I could get started with I would appreciate that too....Thank you so much......Paula

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    Paula--Welcome- You are gonna love this place. everyone is so helpful and friendly! I am a relative newcomer myself (since about august this year) and am still learning everyday. I am a member of the supreme team which is a bunch of us girls who do layouts with the designers wonderful products and try to promote them and GDS! That's not hard to do! Anyway, as far as freebies, check out DST at Just browse around, you can find just about anything. Also, there is a daily download here at GDS that will keep ya coming back for more, Welcome aboard. If anyone can help you through the times ahead, it will be the ladies here at GDS> Keep your spirits up, and I for one will be pulling and praying for ya. By the way----NINE CHILDREN---Congratulations---what a wonderful houseful!


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    wow! 9 children!! and 7 of them are boy-things!! lol! Only joking - its a standing joke that having 3 girls means that I don't 'do' boys!! lol!! I bet you have photos to scrap coming out of your ears!

    What programme are you using??? We have a wide range of different programmes being used by our fantastic members, so give a shout in the forum and someone will answer you.

    I'll bet you are nervous about your heart transplant - most people would be - will be thinking of you a lot, as will the members here, I am sure. Check out the games part of the forum to where it is very easy to while away some time!!

    looking forward to getting to know you :)

  4. Yes 7 boys.....hehehe and 2 girls.......Their names and ages are:
    Barbara 17
    Robert 14
    Ian 10
    Isaiah 7
    Kassie 4
    Brandon 8
    Nathan 7
    John 5
    Joseph 4

    The first 5 listed are biological and the last 4 listaed we adopted....they are all brothers who were my cousins children.....They have been my children for 4 years now but it feels like they have always been our children.........
    We love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

  5. oh I forgot.....I am using scrapbook flair......Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

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    I know what you mean-- I LOVE being a MOM even though my kids are now out of the house (SO SAD) My two sons are Dainiel 27, Corey 25. They are bachelors and share an apartment about 1/2 hour away from us. As a matter of fact they invited us out to dinner tonite at their place! My daughter is 17 and a freshman at college. The school is only aobut 20 minutes away but she lives there to expeerience the college life. She skipped a grade in school and graduated early, so she is quite young for college, but is adjusting well (I think). I hope you have alot of help with all those children, but if you're like me, you love every chaotic minute!!!
    I use Photoshop elemets, so not much help in the software department, but I'm sure someone here can help ya out if needed.


  7. Thanks Kim for the welcome. I am trying to learn to do this so I can make some scrapbooks for my kids to have should something happen. BUT GOD has been good to me, they gave me a year to live...that was 3 years ago so we are praying for this transplant to come through FAST....but just incase, I want the kids to have something to cherish when I am gone.....Kim, my kids are my life I just want them to remember how much momma loves them if I am not here to tell them myself........This seems to be a wonderful site and I cant wait to learn all I can.....Paula
    I may fall, BUT only as far as my knees

  8. Welcome to the site - being a new member to the site also - I have found the site to be fun and friendly. I think you are going to enjoy it.

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