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Thread: Vista is bust!

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    Vista is bust!

    Well with my new laptop I have the newly released Vista. I will tell you it looks fabulas! All kinds of pretty and eye catching things. Some real fun stuff too. On the other hand I am haveing an hard time believeing it is out of beta. I have had an whole three-four days and already haveing issues. Earlyer today it shut down and lost my work on alices templets. And now I cant close a tab without explorer shuting down. It dose have the decency to restart immediatly and retun me to my home page. The HP games button attemps to connect to the web for games that are on my HD and then crashes the system because im not connected atm. It also shows a system error every time you shut down an aplication as if it shut its self down due to an issue. I am not sure what microsoft conciders finished but I wouldent serve you dough and call it cookies. The system has potential. but I think it still had a way to go. If your thinking of upgradeing i would wait.

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    I had heard that it was having all sorts of problems. My dad wanted to buy me a new computer at Christmas, but I told him I wanted to wait until the new OS was out and running. Now I think I will wait a while longer.

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    And THAT is why I said Vista is a four letter word around here. Depending on your software you should have the ability to deny web access to certain programs. Block your games. Also be sure to check your internet settings to make sure that nothing is contradicting itself. Programmeers love to ask you the same question two different ways so that each one gets a different answer. If you don't already have Spybot grab it, not only is it a good thing for blocking both incoming and outgoing traffic but it is also a great spyware remover. In Spybot you can go into the settings and actually tell it to not allow certain programs to load themselves up at startup. Alot of things will start on their own without even telling you. This may help lighten the bugs in Vista a little for you. Also check to make sure that your game settings are not set to start automatically. If they are you should be able to reset them to deny access or to start manually only ;) Hope this helps.
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    I am really interested in all of these discussions and have heard very different sides to it! I have one designer-friend who absolutely loves it and wondered how she ever managed before! And, I have also heard the other side, like you who have had problems with it! I think I'll wait a while till all the fixes re done!

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    Well actually the set up is pretty cool. I really do like a lot of what they are trying to do. I have just run into too meany buggs too soon. I really think its a bit too early to release it. and my poor lo. :( I posted on the microsoft site and I am just hopeing to be able to reload my hybernation settings to just befor the crash. Seeing as how the system saves them I think it may be posable.

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    Just go buy a mac and you will be much happier :)

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    lol Too late for that. Ill remember next time. Iveactually heard macs are wonderfull for grafics

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    My son likes it, but I think I'll wait. MS never releases anything without tons of bugs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by macmomma View Post
    Just go buy a mac and you will be much happier :)
    Amy, you sound like my husband!!! He is a Windows programmer, but let me tell you, he swears by his IBook! He thinks Windows sucks!!!! His words, not mine!!! LOL


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    STEPH!!!! Seriously?! Can he tell me how to reinstate my last hibernate sesion????? I need help. I went to the vista site but no one has answerd and the stupid live chat help dosent work. I would need to call but im out in cowland and my phone loses signal often. makes calls to companys imposable.

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