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    Hey, didja hear? There's a SPEED SCRAP!!

    You betcha! Starting here in, ohhh, about 45 minutes! As we get closer to starting time, I will update this post right here with all the helpful info you may need to get started tonight.

    And no, that does not include a complete list of instructions.

    And here's that list!:

    Starting at the top of the hour, I will post your first instruction, followed by 1 more instruction every ten minutes through the hour.

    At the top of the second hour. I will post the 7th and final instruction and then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish and post your LOs.

    (I will allow a 15 min. grace period for gallery posting purposes. The gallery may slow down when we were all trying to post at once!)

    If we have any other technical difficulties, I might also allow a few extra minutes. I will let you know.

    Please note that prizes will not be given out to entries posted after this time, although we would still love to see what you have come up with!!

    You must post in your GDS member gallery AND link back here in the forum. If you do not post back here I will not know that you have participated and you will not be able to receive the prize. Maybe soon we'll have a Speed Scrap gallery for you to post in! ;)

    Some important things to remember to make the Speed Scrap go a bit smoother:

    - The instructions are all pretty self-explanatory, but remember that you can interpret them creatively. I may be an Army wife, but I'm no drill sergeant! Do the best you can on the instructions, but don't freak out over them. Be creative! You won't be disqualified!!

    - You can use a template if you want.

    - goDigitalScrapbooking products are NOT required, but of course, we love it when you use them!!

    - I will re-cap all the instructions again each time I post a new instruction.

    - For each instruction there must be a different element. You may not use the same element to fulfill requirements for 2 different instructions.

    Please don't stress! Speed scraps are fun. Just take the instructions to mean what YOU think they mean and have fun!!!

    PLEASE, PLEASE REMEMBER - post back here when you are done so I will know you are playing along!!
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    Shannon Harris ~ Silly Beans Scraps
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  2. Hey, I am finally getting to one of your events! Try not to have a heartattack! JK

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    so cool!
    can't wait!

  4. Is this where I should be to participate? This will be my first time ;)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BJackson View Post
    Is this where I should be to participate? This will be my first time ;)
    You are very much in the right spot and welcome. I was hooked after my first speed scrap they are addictive. Although what part of this little "hobbie" isn't, right!

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    less than 15 minutes to go. I'm ready!

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    Woo, good turnout already! Welcome to your first speed scrap Bjackson!
    Shannon Harris ~ Silly Beans Scraps
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  8. Thanks. I'm so excited!

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    Oh and might I add I am totally excited that my computer's time is the same as what we have here at GDS, to the minute! So I suppose if I don't post on time, I can't blame it on my clock! Lol. But at least I won't be wondering if my clock is off. (Oh, and if you're wondering how I know that, at the very bottom of your GDS window, the time is there.)
    Shannon Harris ~ Silly Beans Scraps
    <---Are you FANtastic?!--->

  10. I'm here ready to start
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