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    How much time does it usually take you to scrap one LO?

    I just started a couple/few months ago and it takes me anywhere from an hour to two hours!

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    Oops...I posted this in the wrong section. SORRY

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    Oct 2006
    LOL! It takes me from one to four hrs. Depending on how picky im being, how meany times I rearange things and if i do some photo editing and how involved the editing is.

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    Dec 2006
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    It really depends on how inspired I am and what I am doing on the page ..

    If the page is a simple one using a kit with everything I need, I can scrap a page in a half hour or less.
    If I need to do some simple things like page tears, edge inking, stamping or making simple embellishments like eyelets or such, a page takes me about an hour or so.
    If I am getting really intricute with shaping or creating harder elments, or if I am trying a new technique, it can take several hours.
    Then again, I can be doing a simple LO that should take me a half hour or less and be stuck on it all day, LOL.

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    I agree with everyone else. It depends. Can be 10 min for a simple LO but I don't usually go much over 45 min. If I do, I start another one and come back to it.
    Challenges can be really good for getting your speed up as they don't "mean" as much for me and don't usually get printed out so I don't worry as much

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    wow - I never realised how slow a scrapper I am! I have been known to take a whole day over some of my layouts, although that is rare. But, I certainly couldn't do one in 10 minutes! It takes me that long to decide on photos and a kit before I even start thinking about how I'm going to set it all out!! So, I am guessing that it prolly takes me a couple of hours on average. Tbh, how long it takes me isn't really important to me - I'd take as long as needed to get the layout looking how I want it to.

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    The journaling usually takes me the longest... that and the "pre-choosing" of what I'm going to do and with what materials I'm going to do it with.. once I get all that, the actual scrapping takes not more than a couple of hours. I've learned though to wait like a day and take a fresh look lol..and have been known to say to self, "geez, what were you thinking?!"

    And then there are those layouts that come together magically like they were destined to be a part of the family's those layouts the probably keep me the most addicted to digi-scrapping! lol..wish they happened more often

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