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  1. I am very late, but this is what I came up with :
    My Blog:

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    All of the layouts were fantastic and I got the posting bonuses sent out. Let me know if I missed you!

    Thanks again for participating!


  3. Oh MAN! I just got home and I missed it!! I ended up having to go pick up my DD from a birthday party she was invited to (last minute) and did some errands while we were out...and TOTALLY missed it! DARN! Well, I'll look forward to Andrea's NEXT speed scraps!

  4. Thanks for the bonus and for hosting a great speed scrap!

    <----Check out our new CT BLOG

  5. Thanks for hosting the speed scrap - I had a fun time! And thank you for the posting bonus; they're lovely as always!

  6. Congratulation Sharon! WOOHOO!!!

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    I am so bummed that I ended up missing this! I had totally planned to do this and then my MIL called and wanted me to go see the movie "Four Christmases" with her. This doesn't happen to often, so I didn't want to turn her down!!

    I will look forward to the next speed scrap!!!

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