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Thread: 11/27 Newsletter and Turkey Day NL freebie clue!

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    11/27 Newsletter and Turkey Day NL freebie clue!

    You can see the newsletter here:

    There was supposed to be a pretty Thanksgiving-ish picture for you, but photobucket pooped out on me evidently. Sorry about that!

    There is a freebie - it might be a little hidden this time, but you'll see it if you read to the very end :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. TY very much & happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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    Wow! Super sales. Thanks for the sales and for the newsletter freebie.

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    I found it. Thanks bunches.

  5. I guess I am blind but I can't find the newsletter freebie. All I see are the DD links.

    EDIT: No sooner did I post the above when I found it! Thanks so much
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  6. I just want to thank you for doing such an awesome job with the newsletter. It is always so much fun to read and gets me excited about trying all the challenges and products. You do such an amazing job. Thanks!

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