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Thread: The Anything Game

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    The Anything Game

    Another week - another game - another free DAILY DOWNLOAD REWIND coupon for one lucky winner!!

    The Anything Game is actually pretty simple ...
    you can post any word or short phrase, it can be a proper noun, it doesn't have to relate to any theme or to the word before it EXCEPT the first letter of your word must be the last letter of the word before it and it does have to be a real word.

    As with the previous game, their must be two posts between yours

    Melanie posts: "bird"
    Holly posts: "don't cry for me Argentina"
    Debra posts: "antelope"
    now Melanie can post again
    Melanie posts: "Emeril Lagasse"
    and so on .....

    The game will go through Sunday mid day and I will pull a number from a hat and who ever posted on that number will be the winner of the coupon.

    Let the game begin with


  2. over the rainbow...

  3. where's the beef?......

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    for (s)he's a jolly good fellow!


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    Warriors, come out and play!
    Visit my Blog for freebies

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    yeay! I love gds!!!

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    sing, sing a song...


  8. Good for you!!!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    umbrellas come in handy when it rains!

  10. shelf

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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