Yaay! We have finally assembled all fan blinkies in one place...our blog! If you click the Blog menu at the top of our pages, you will go to our Blog and on the right hand side is all our fan blinkies for GDS itself as well as our designers!

You can add a blinkie to your signature by doing the following:
  1. Find the blinkie on our blog and right-click > properties, then hightlight and copy the Address/URL that is shown.
  2. Go to the forums and log in.
  3. Right under our blinking banners is a green menu. Choose the User CP menu item.
  4. Choose Edit Signature.
  5. Where ever you want to place the blinkie in your signature, just click the yellowish mountain button and paste in the address/url from step 1.
  6. Click Save Signature