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    Quote Originally Posted by elenasworld View Post
    yes, just post the link to your layout here in the thread once you have uploaded it to your gallery
    Great, thanks

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    Here's mine
    little joys

    thanks for another great Speed Scrap Holly!
    I am so happy with what I came up with based on your prompts.

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    Great speed scrap!! I got to use a new kit and I totally LOVE how it turned out!! Here's mine:

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    11:30 OH NO! ok ok getting it up

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    oh wait 11:30 EST. ok I have time yet

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    Here is my attempt at this speed scrap

  7. Speedy Layout

    Holly - This speed scrap was great. Sorry I wasn't able to chat more during. The layout I did came out really good thanks to you. I have never worked backwards like that. It was AWESOME! Thanks again for hosting.
    Sophia & Jolene

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  8. Exotic garden!

    I tried to do it! but I dont know how to donwload it now? please Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukigari View Post
    I tried to do it! but I dont know how to donwload it now? please Help!
    Go to the Gallery link and click on 'Upload Photo' then follow the prompts.

  10. Exotic garden!

    Thank You!!!!

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