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  1. Problem with PSE6

    Hi, all. I joined recently and am taking this month's photography class. I do some digital work using PSE6, also.

    I am having this problem. Every so often - and way too often!!! - the program will quit. Then, if I haven't saved, I lose whatever I've done. How often? Well, could be every 5 minutes. Not always as often, but it's a real pain.

    When I first got the program it did not do this. Everything else seems to run fine.

    My hubby says it's because I have way too much stuff stored on this computer - I do have a lot. Do you think that's it? Or some other thing?

    We do run anti virus stuff daily and AdAware now and then. Doesn't seem to help.

    Ideas, suggestions?

    Thanks tons!

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    I use PSE 6 and don't have problems on my main computer using Windows XP, but I have had the problem of it shutting down on me when using Vista on my laptop. I did read an article that advised to make sure you do a defrag often as PSE 6 uses a lot of memory.

    Good luck, and hope someone can give you more technical support, lol.

  3. I've heard the same as Cathy, in fact plan on doing a defrag on my puter tonight. Andrea recommends it frequently (weekly, maybe). Try that and see if you get better results.

    Good luck!!!

  4. There does not seem to be an overall explanation for this issue. Unfortunately, I've just installed the 30 day free trial for Elements 7.0 and had just this issue as well after working with the text tool.

    Best advice I can give would definitely be to save and save often while you're working in the program.

  5. Thanks a bunch! I honestly don't know what it means to defrag but my DH does so he can do that. Maybe we are doing it from time to time and I just don't know about it. And believe me, I've learned to save a whole lot more than ever before! Like after only one or two functions, then save again! It's annoying, yes. Even more annoying, tho, is waiting to the program to reload again ... and again ... and again

    I appreciate you taking a minute for my question!

  6. The way PSE 6 is designed it uses a lot more RAM than previous versions. You may want to not only defrag often (and save often LOL) but check your Edit/Preferences/Performance. You'll want to see what kind of Available RAM you have along with how much you are allowing PSE to use. Then down below there is your scratch disk options. If you have a partitioned hard drive or even an external that is ALWAYS hooked up, you could set those a secondary scratch disk to your main C: drive.
    Deb, if text is what's killing your PSE you may have too many fonts. Windows and fonts are not great at working together. I uninstalled 165 and my computer ran considerably better. In photoshop you have this cool thing where you can have a font that is NOT installed on your windows system show up in the list for just that one time. BEFORE opening PSE, open the font preview (The lazy brown fox... page that shows you what the font will look like), then keep it open while you open PSE. It will then show up on your list just until you are finished with that layout. I have a soccer font that is adorable but I only use 1 time a year so I created an index sheet with cute, but not needed fonts, uninstalled them and put them in a folder on my EHD and only use them when needed. Hope that helps!
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    This REALLY helps. Thanks. My problem is probably too many fonts.

    Question? Where do you find the font preview page? I have PSE6 as well.

  8. You'll have to double click on the actual font file. Most are white with a blue TT on them. So if you have them in your windows system go to control panel/fonts and then you can copy and paste them into another folder, then delete them from that folder. When you double click on that file, it will give you the preview window that you have to leave open if you want to use it in PSE.
    BE CAREFUL not to delete fonts your system needs...some of the boring ones for example. I know my Quickbooks uses a certain font so I had to keep that one.
    Just take it..."One Memory At A Time"
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  9. Thanks for more info, OneMemory! Hopefully I will get this problem fixed soon.

    As for fonts, I have never overloaded on fonts but I used to keep them on my desktop. DH tells me that's a no-no because they also slow things down there, plus when he does back up, it doesn't do the desktop. I know nothing.

    I do know that if you are working in anything that has your fonts in it (Word, Outlook, Pub, PSE, etc), it all needs to be closed before opening the extra font you want. Once you open that font, you can use it any of those places. Once you close it, it's no longer available.

    Also, you can use a font from the internet not stored anywhere on your computer. Just open it, once again, before opening anything else, use it from there. Just note where you found it just in case you need to go back to it.

    I think, not sure, that if you remove a font that your programs come with, it can really mess things up ---- sounds reasonable, just not sure what it does. So be careful in taking those off.

  10. If fonts are an issue - I would suggest The Font Thing which organizes fonts and allows you to preview and temporarily load fonts until you restart your computer. Also, with PSE you really need to have about a third of your hard drive space available in order for PSE to temporarily store all of your changes. If you reduce the number of History states (or increase your scratch disk space on an external drive as recommended by someone else) you may not crash as often.
    Hope that helps!

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