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Thread: Oh Designers .... Need a template

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    Oh Designers .... Need a template

    I am looking for a template ... a family tree template. I am making a scrapbook for my parents for Christmas of a day that we all had out last month. I want the cover page to be of a family tree with just my parents,siblings,spouses and grandkids. I am doing 12x12 but I am sure there would be more interested in this. If I have no response .. I will be on my own,that could mean bad results to a great scapbook ! Thanks for listening and Andrea .. I think this is more up your alley since you are the template QUEEN.

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    Salt Lake City, Utah
    If the designers here don't come through for you I've got a template of a tree I used for a book I made for my son. It's just the tree itself and then I used journaling labels for the names. If you need to put on lots of names, you could double up the names of couples (like parents together, etc)

    Let me know if you want me to upload it or send it to you.

  3. Suzette..that's a wonderful family tree!

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    Family Tree

    Hope I am not butting in but I would love to have that template of the family tree also.
    Thanks for considering it, anyway.

  5. LOVE your family tree, Suzette!!!

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    Awesome family tree Suzette, but I agree I think a template by Andrea would be awesome!!

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    Wow, Suzette!! That's an awesome tree!!

    (yes, I'm sure Andrea is listening to this need by our community members)

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    Can I get this family tree from you? I am also working on a book of old family pictures, but need something like this to finish it off. Let me know. Thanks!

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    I can totally do this!!! Will only take me a day or so and people that give me great suggestions get the final product for free! :)

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    Thank You!

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