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Thread: 12X12 Quick Page Exchange-Trimming The Tree by OMAAT

  1. This is very helpful. I use a program called PhotoDraw. I love the program and it works in layers. It is easier for me to do things in it than in Photoshop. I want to learn Photoshop, but that is in my future. In PhotoDraw it saves as a .mix so it can't be viewed in all programs. I couldn't save as a png so I saved as a jpg. What shall I do?

  2. Well, in that case,
    I'd save it as a jpg and make the photo area easy for others to extract out with a magic selection tool. It's easiest to remove a solid color. Also, too many things in front of the photo area will make it difficult.
    Good Luck. Have fun scrappin'!

    FYI in case you wanted to get elelments at a discount: Costco has photoshop elements 7.0 on sale for $49. online and in the stores.

  3. Count me in and here is my preview

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  5. I'll Play Alisha....
    ~Hugs from Montana~

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  6. Count me in too!

  7. Hi everyone,
    I decided to do this one last minute, so sorry for not giving a heads up. I am really looking forward to using this album. My 3 year old started playing computer as I was uploading the file so please let me know if it not working, Thanks!
    Christmas Morning

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  9. I know it's late but I would like to participate

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