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  1. 13 Nov Speed Scraps STARTS NOW, RIGHT HERE!!

    Hi Everyone! Sorry I'm cutting it so close....I got on 20 minutes ago to get things going and of course my firefox chose to crash at that very moment!!!

    How is everyone?

  2. sorry but glad you made it in time :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Jan 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Hey Jenn! I'm so excited to see what you have in store for us tonight.

  4. Good and yourself?? Excited... to speed scrap too ;) lol

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    Belleville, Illinois
    I'm great. How is everyone else?

  6. I'm doing ok. Can't breathe through my nose (i'm all stuffed up) so I'm glad no one can see me.
    Kris Ann

  7. Here are the guidelines!

    I'll provide a "suggestion" every 10 minutes for the next hour, for you to use to make a Layout.

    The final suggestion will be given at the top of the hour and you will then have one hour to complete your layout and post it in the gallery and link it back here.

    The only disqualification is not showing up, or not posting a, see, it's not going to be so hard!!! ( I know I threw ya all for a loop last time)

    Is everyone ready?

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    Hi everyone! I'm gonna try to play, but I'm not feeling so hot, so we'll see. :)
    Shannon Harris ~ Silly Beans Scraps
    <---Are you FANtastic?!--->

  9. Hi everyone! I"m here.
    My Blog:

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kpieczyn View Post
    I'm doing ok. Can't breathe through my nose (i'm all stuffed up) so I'm glad no one can see me.
    I feel for ya, girl! I've had it too! AGAIN....

    I hope you feel better!!!

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