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    well it took longer then 15 minutes! I uploaded it then had to go back and fix a typo....then come back and add my link.... but I did it fast.... so I'm happy even if I missed out on this earlier!

    I used to love the Lunch Crunch...45 minutes..start to finish... a little less involved though! okay, a lot less involved! but I had to see if I could still do a layout quickly!

    here's my layout

    shoot, just realized I need to go back and add one more thing to my credits.. the stitches I used are from Helen's Baby Cottage Rose kit...

    and yes, my initials are on the page.. bottom left corner.. a small AS .. I don't use my full 3 initials, didn't look right.... they are either AAS which always gets a double take!! or .. if I used my maiden name instead of my middle name...... A for Anita, S for my Maiden name and S for my married name.. talk about a BAD monogram!!!!

    And yes, I've been singing You Are my Sunshine all night...Lizzie gets a song in her head and she sings it over and over and over....we just LOVE it! yeah, sure! :) haha!
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