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Thread: Digiscrapper-Aholics 12 Step Program

  1. Digiscrapper-Aholics 12 Step Program

    Dear GDS,

    Since I found your products, I have not stopped downloading, oogling and scrapping with them. My husband has gone supperless, my children without shoes or bread and I have not combed my hair in days. Help! Is there a 12 Step Program for my addiction?

    Craving More

    Dear Craving More,

    We have been made aware of the addictive potential of our products and in an effort to avoid government sanctions, have developed the following 12 Step Program. We hope it helps with your situation.

    Step 1. Admit you have a problem.

    Step 2. Continue digital scrapbooking with your current supply of products. If you don't, you'll feel guilty for having spend the money on them.

    Step 3. Put the pizza man on speed dial.

    Step 4. Get your children flip flops.

    Step 5. Have husband watch the movie, "Mr. Mom".

    Step 6. Join a support group for women like yourself so that you can share your problems with eachother. You can always find a chat here at GDS!

    Step 7. Apologize to the people your addiction has hurt by making them a really cute card.

    Step 8. Have hair cut short into a hassle-free, 5 minute style.

    Step 9. Don't stop scrapping to go to sleep. This will allow more time to make more layouts and you won't mess up your 5 minute hair style.

    Step 10. Turn on ESPN, your husband will forget about dinner.

    Step 11. Focus on the positive. You are creating something wonderful for the people you love and neglect.

    Step 12. Feed the addiction. Buy GDS products whenever you can, otherwise withdrawal symptoms will set in.


    (found in a scrappers magazine and altered to digiscrapping-aholics state of mind) :)

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    I can relate!!! That is just toooo funny : >

    Please stop by my Blog for some freebies " )

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    hhhhmmmm I honestly can't remember actually sending that to you, but guess I must have done! ;)

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    Too funny, Debra.. you make me smile!


  7. Very funny - and not altogether wrong!

  8. Love this I might have to print this out and post on my desk
    Beth K.

  9. Sigh - saw this thread and was hoping for a support group to ease up on the addiction not one to aid in it.

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    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Hello, My name is Melanie and I have been scrap-free for 0 days.

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