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Thread: November ~~K and L~~

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD

    November ~~K and L~~

    Ok, I know the holidays are creeping up on us.
    I know everyone is going to be soooo.... busy the next couple of months.
    But if you can join in, please do. You need some me time to relax, ya know?

    Here are our inspiration words:

    K) Kindly, Kookie, Kibble, Kidlet, Kismet

    L) Lovable, Lucky, Loyal, Lively, Lovely, Lollipop

    Here is your posting bonus...
    Remember, 2 pages, with one letter on each page, please.

    It's a felty, embroidered alpha!

    No drop shadows are enclosed with the alpha.

    This month just use 75% GDS products for your layout.
    Any designer you like, freebies or otherwise.
    As always, the gallery to post them in, is here: ABC Gallery
    And post your links back here!
    You have until November 30th to post your layouts.
    Thanks for participating, I can't wait to see your layouts!
    And I've seen some awesome pages in the gallery!

    Thanks to Doreen Stoltz for the use of her kit A Festival of Fall

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    Oct 2006
    Awesome alpha! I'm definitely going to have to participate!

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    rural Virginia
    I'm in for sure..and this alpha is gorgeous! That's a great posting bonus! thanks!
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

  4. Here are mine ...

    K is for Kindred
    L is for Love
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    Here is the link to my letter K.
    K is for Kids Kissing Mommy

    And my letter L
    I Will Always Love You
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    Apr 2007
    rural Virginia
    Here mine are..

    K is for Katie

    L is for Lizzie

    this worked just perfect for my girls! :)
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    Here are mine: this has been my favorite part of the alphabet since K & L are the first letters of our names...Kaitlyn (my daughter) & Lisa (me). Now I'm thinking I should have done pics of both of us at age 3!! =)

    K for Kaitlyn

    L for Lisa

  9. Here's mine:


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