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Thread: ABC - Animals

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    Dec 2006
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    ABC - Animals

    Another game, another FREE DAILY DOWNLOAD coupon!

    Game: ABC Game - Animals
    * post an animal that starts with the next letter of the alphabet
    * there MUST be 2 answers between each persons answer
    ie: Holly: a=______
    Debra: b=______
    Melanie: c=______
    now Holly can post again
    Holly: d=______
    * any answers not following the above rule will be disqualified
    * if two answers are posted at the same time, the first answer in the thread counts - so check after posting because if you are the second person to post the letter, you can go in and edit your answer for the next letter.
    * if it appears that we are stuck on a letter let me know and I will fix it
    * game ends at 'z'
    * winner will be chosen at random by drawing a letter from a 'hat' after a 'z' animal is posted

    If I didn't make this clear enough, please ask, because I want this to be fun and for everyone to play!!

    Let the game begin .....

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    WOHOO - a new game !!
    Can I be the first player ??

    A as APE


  3. lol...don't like to see you play alone so I will play with you

  4. how fun!!

    C is for cobra

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    Now there are 2 players between so I can continue

    D .... DOG


  6. E... Elephant

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    Sep 2006
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    F is for frog

  8. G for gorilla

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    I is for Iguana... there's such an animal right??? where are my sons when i need them???

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