We asked our community to help us come up with a list of all the abbreviations you may see out there...hope this helps :)

*G* = grin
*L* = laugh
*S* = smile
BF = best friend or boy friend
BG = background
BTW=by the way
DD = Dear Daughter
DH = Dear Husband
DLO = double layout or digi layout
DS = Dear Son
Fur baby - A furry pet that is the family baby
HTH = hope this helps
imho - In my humble opinion
ISO = In Search of
ISO = in search of
ITA = I totally agree
JLMK = just let me know
KISS = keep it simple, silly
kwim - know what I mean?
LMBO = laughing my butt off (some also use "H" for head or "A" for a** here) - can also be put with the ROF from above
LMK = let me know
LO = layout
LOL = laugh out loud
LSHMBAB = laugh so hard my b##bs are bouncing ;)
Mil- Mother-inlaw
NDSR = Not Digital Scrapbook Related
OMG = oh my goodness
OT = off topic
PLMK = please let me know
PM = private message
PS = PhotoShop
PSE = PhotoShop Elements
PSP = PaintShopPro
ROFLOL = rolling on the floor laughin out loud
SB = scrapbook or scrapbooking
TFL = thanks for looking
TFS = thanks for sharing
TFS=Thanks for sharing
TIA = thanks in advance
TLO = traditional layout
TTYL=Talk to you later
TY = thank you
WTG = way to go
WTG=Way to go
YMTW = your more than welcome
YW = your welcome