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    Had to giggle at this...

    You know how we were talking about the front page music sounding like the sims? Well my daughter who is 9 years old is sitting on the couch getting prepared for school and says "mom what is up with that music" and I tell her that it is the page music and it sounds like a video game to me. She then giggles and says "yeah it sounds like the URBZ music when you dress your person"! For those who don't know URBZ is like the sims a bit different in the game play but over all the same thing by the same makers.

  2. LOL! I can't stand that crazy music playing so I love my MUTE button!! :)

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    I sit there and watch the sign sway!

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    I decided to put it to the test and ask my 10 year old dd, who got the Sims for her birthday recently, what the music sounded like! i didn't tell her that I had read this post - just said "Em, what does this music remind you of?" In approx 10 seconds, she replied 'the sims'!!

  5. lol..perfect test! he he!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rebecca
    I sit there and watch the sign sway!

    I admit I am guilty of that myself... la-la-la...

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    ROFL i thought it was music you play to your baby to make it sleep!! And my DH said it reminds him of "elevator music" LOL. But yeah Simms is nearer the mark!! I do love the homepage tho - love the paper effect - awesome!

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    oh dear. watching the sign swing and listening to the music no one seems to like...why ain't you people scrapping???!!! heehee
    Liz Pike

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