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  1. About Digital camara

    I would like to buy a digital camera but I am not sure which brand or what type of camera I should buy. I want to buy a camera that takes nice and neat pictures to extract objects to use them on my future kits. Which one is the best one?

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    I am no where near a professional photographer, but I'll give you my 2 cents worth....

    I personally, have a CANON 350D - And I LOVE it!! I bought mine when this model came out, but there are 2 more recent models - the 400D and now the 450D.

    I am really very happy with my Canon. You can put it onto "Auto" mode- where you literally point and shoot. Then of course, you can use it on full manual setting, where you can adjust everything- F-stop etc.

    My husband decided a few months ago that I never gave him a chance near the camera, so he bought himself a Panasonic - DMC-FZ18. It has a Lumix lens which has a fantastic zoom- 18x optical zoom.
    I love this camera too- so great for taking on holiday as it's really nice and compact and no need for any extra lenses. It takes fantastic photos and you also have the option to set it to manual focus. It has various settings for motion shots, landscape, potraits, macro etc. Obviously not as much of a 'professional' camera as the Canon350D in that you can't adjust F-stop etc, but it really is a brilliant camera and I can really recommend it.

    Good luck!! Happy shopping!

  3. thank you veronica..your advice is been very helpful for me.

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    If you are looking for a very small point and shoot type, stick in your pocket camera, I love my new Sony Cybershot DSC-T300.

    PROS: I haven't used it alot yet but the pictures I have taken are fantastic compared to my Canon A500. I will tell you the macro shots blew me away. It has a wonderful touch screen with a really easy menu system although so far I haven't needed to use it much as the auto is awesome. I use the mode that will try to take the shot without the flash to avoid graininess. I don't know how it does it but it takes shots in extreemly dim light with only the infra-red and they come out as if it were daylight. And because no flash, no red eye, and no doggie demon eyes. Even if the shot is slightly dark, all the detail is there. I can just pop it into Photoshop and adjust it. It also has a mode that waits for the person to smile and then snaps the picture. How funny is that. I haven't tried that because I don't have any children around and my dogs don't smile much. But I thought it was a hoot.

    CONS: I get my fingerprints all over the touch screen and if I'm outside it makes it difficult to see my screen. It does have a little plastic poker that I can use but I always forget and use my fingers. I am reluctant to recommend it because on the web it has very mixed reviews.

    NOTE: None of my layouts in the gallery have pictures from this camera as of yet.

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    My question would be first, how much do you want to spend. There are so many possibilities that you could get lots of comments on this subject.

    My DH has the Sony A100 DSLR 10.2 MP and I absolutely love it. I snag it whenever I can for taking pics. He has purchased some extra lenses for it and we have not been disappointed with any pics we have ever taken with this camera.

    Good luck with finding a camera.

  6. Hello Brit.. I would like to spend from $200- $300 thanks for the advice..

  7. Tammy thank you so much for the tips..I am writing everything on my notebook
    also the choices you are giving me..thanks again

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