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    Anyone Else Getting Snow?

    Well, it's 1 am... just finished the daily download for tomorrow and looked outside... Snow Snow Snow!

    How about you? How's your weather today? C'mon.. I bet you all can make me jealous!

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    Its cold here - -4 last night, but no snow :( We had to go to Canada in April for my girls to see more snow than they had seen the grand total of in their lives!!

    If anyone has lots of snow which they don't want, donations would be gratefully received!!

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    Sorry Joy, CA is expecting some rain, which is badly needed here, but no snow :(

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    Oct 2006
    Pittsburg, Texas
    We had really cold weather last week (for here anyway) and did actually get some snow. But, and I hate to rub it in, but it is 62 and sunny right now and will be close to 70 today. Just a beautiful day. Sorry!

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    That's ok Babydoe... we hung out here because school was cancelled so Hannah's prek was cancelled too and then we got all bundled up, put the sleigh in the suv and headed out to go find a great big hill... we found one and spent about an hour sleigh riding.. Hannah had a ball!! So, we're living with it ok

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    Sep 2006
    MB, Canada
    Sorry, can't make you jealous of the weather here. I live in Manitoba, so we have snow all winter! Plus, it was -40 Celcius here earlier this week - brrr!! (BTW - minus 40 C is the same as -40F!!)


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    Not yet but sleet is on the cards, we have freezing fog though :(

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Wow, Jennifer - that's funny that -40 converts the to the same temp in either measurement! I grew up in Anchorage Alaska, so I have been in -40 weather, I hope you are staying warm and that there are people checking on all the elderly folks there.

    Debra, After weeks of snow and cold, it's finally warming up here - and been in the 50's & 60's yesterday and today. I hope you are enjoying the snow day, because I am certainly enjoying the warm.

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    -40 below... that's just too cold! I agree Melanie, I hope someone is checking on the elderly and people needed extra care.

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    Sorry Debra, no snow here today. It was a balmy day in the low 60's. We are expecting a cold front tomorrow though which will put our low temps back in the low teens with highs in the low 30's.

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