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Thread: Pumpkin Painting

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    My dd has 3 small ones and she's just dying to paint them!
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    We've been painting them too for a long time.. love your layout! I'll have to get one done with some old photos...we haven't painted this years though, they are sitting on the deck with the mums and other fall decor! It's just been so busy!

    Katie and the Pumpkins, Oct 2005

    but it is a lot easier too then carving...less bugs, less girls don't like the "icky slimey stuff" on the inside! After halloween we toss them into our natural trash heap...branches, leaves, yard clippings....make sure they are cracked open.. and the squirrels and birds eat it all, including the seeds! I keep hoping one year at least a couple seeds will sprout in the spring!

    edited to add a picture of my little one... and to say you can also paint TWO faces on each pumpkin! we usually do that.. Katie likes to do one side scarey and one side funny....

    Lizzie and the Pumpkins 2005
    wow, she was tiny! not even 3 yet! and no I didn't let her wear that sweater to paint in! :)
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  3. thats cute.

  4. awe so cute !!
    my boys are 17 & 19 now & we still carve a pumpkin or 2 every year LOL
    they like to use the stensils you can buy to make the fancy carvings
    but we have never painted any pumpkins so maybe we'll have to try that next year
    we grow our own pumpkins we grow the regular ones as well as the atlantic giant pumpkins which get really large so when the boys were younger we used to enter them in the local autumn fair
    xo xo

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    Looks like you both had so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. cute pics, cute kids. We paint too, because there is more the little ones can do themselves that way.

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    This is such a cute layout for painting pumpkins!

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    well I think that mess needs to be deleted! (see previous post)
    but I sure did enjoy getting to see the cute pumpkins!! haha
    mom of four....
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  9. Thats COOL! love the layout too

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