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Thread: Pumpkin Painting

  1. Talking Pumpkin Painting

    Down here in the south, I have learned not to carve pumpkins. The nights get quiet chilly & days still get warm and that makes for a very mushy pumpkin. Yuck! This was really the first year Jonathan wanted a pumpkin, so I told him he could paint one. We had so much fun working on this. He loves being artistic.

    Art & Soul by Silly Beans Scraps was the perfect choice for these LO's!

  2. VERY CUTE! I must admit, we've opted for painting a few times....less mess, if you can believe it!

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    I wish we could paint like that! His pumpkin is so adorable!
    My dh likes to make pumpkin seeds, the only reason he actually carves the pumpkin!

  4. This is so cute, did a great job on the pumpkin, My grandkids painted little tiny pumpkins too. lot of fun

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    What a cute idea! Love the layout!

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    what a great idea! Love the LO and the pumpkin!!

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    Thanks for the tip

    Great job on the pumpkins and thanks for the tip. I moved to Texas from Minnesota a few years back and we were thinking about carving pumpkins this year. I never thought about them lasting less time or turning to mush.

  8. Looks like he had a great time painting his pumkin and what a cute pumpkin he made!

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    What a fun and great idea! :)

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    my kids paint their small ones too!

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