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Thread: Ps Cs3

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    Ps Cs3

    So I broke down and upgraded.
    Know i have no clue where my paint brushes go or where they went from cs2.

    Can any point me in the direction of where to save stuff or a tut, that would have it.



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    In CS3 you can save stuff where ever you want. I created a folder in My Documents and put a shortcut to it on the desktop called Photoshop stuff. Inside that, brushes. Now when I go to load brushes I just click on desktop and can go to the folder. The other nice thing about this is if you back up your My Documents folder, your brushes will get backed up with it. If you put it deep in the preferences like older version, you will probably forget to back them up. Hope this helps.

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    You can also open the folder where you have the brushes, and drag the brush you want into your open CS3. Once you drop it in there PS installs it.
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    You can double click on it in your file explorer too and it will install it to the correct place. Make sure you use the preset manager to back it up frequently. Edit->Preset Manager. You might consider taking my CS2/3 class. :)

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    Thank You Thank You Thank You


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