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Thread: Curly ribbons?

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    Curly ribbons?

    OK I give. Really, I need to learn to make a curly ribbon or I will loose what little sanity I have left. First let me say, I need a tut or a free plug in, just am not in the position to purchase anything right now. I tried Vizros - alas it is no longer free, I have PS7 - which I use and PSE3 which I have been avoiding like the plague. CS2 is sitting very patiently over by Alex's desk just waiting to be incorporated into my plethora o' software but I have been beating it back with a stick because I really don't want to have to learn another dang program. I have 15 million filters (and don't think that's an exaggeration cause it's not lol) Today I even went so far as to use tear, seperate the tears, reattached them, copied it, flipped it behind the top layer to try and simulate a curly ribbon ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Somebody out there is holding onto this information as though it were the meaning of life! Share, please??? Oh and don't even get me started on bows!!!

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  2. I use AV Brothers PageCurl but it's not free. Sorry, don't know how else to do it.
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  3. I hope this is OK to put this here, I searched for a tut but couldnt find one but found this here....
    it's a tut for PSP7 but maybe you can get the gist...
    or there is viros plug-in which can be found
    hope this helps :)

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    I thank you for the help anyway ;) I thought for a minute that no one had seen this post since I hadn't gotten any other responses.
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    lindajd, thank you too! I hadn't seen your post until after I put mine in - that's what I get for multi tasking lol. I will check out that tut too, it seems like I am trying to find a needle in a haystack! Thanks again ladies
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    If you find a free plugin, please share the link. The only ones I know of are Vizros, no longer free and AV Brothers Page Curl.

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  7. Oh yes lease do :) I didn't know Vizros was no longer free :( so does that mean we can't use the one we downloaded do you think? I have had it sat on my PC for yonks!!

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    No problem ;) I will definitely share it lol. I have only figured out how to use the page curl slightly. It makes a piece I can use then I have to position the pieces like a curly ribbon lol. I feel like it is the best kept secret in digital scrapbooking! Why won't someone just tell us how to do it without the plug ins or where we can find a good plugin for free? Geesh
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    If you got it before it was made for purchase you can still use it. Only those of us who purchased it afterwards can't use it without VIZROS being printed across it a million times :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrell View Post
    No problem ;) Why won't someone just tell us how to do it without the plug ins or where we can find a good plugin for free? Geesh
    If I knew how to do it without a plug-in, I would let you know, but unfortunately, I don't! I use the vizros plug-in. Sorry to be no more help :(

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