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    ISO PSE for my sister...

    Yes, my sister has FINALLY decided that the "dark side" is for her. She is looking for a legal version of PSE so she can start digital scrapbooking. I was thinking that with some "early Christmas gifts" that some scrappers are getting that you might not be using your old version. Thanks!
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    Sounds great Julie! I'll keep an eye out :) FYI, we have a brand new Getting Started video to help you help her get going :) It's under Resources > Tutorials. I haven't revised the Resources > Beginners page yet but will be very soon!
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    Just bumping this in case there's someone who hasn't seen it....
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    I know you're looking for Elements, but I just wanted to say that I recently bought CS3 Extended off Amazon for $195.00, and there's several sellers there now who have it for around that price. And it's a legal copy in a box and everything. This is a great discount!
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