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  1. Speed Scrap, Oct 7th-1pm eastern!

    Mark your calendars to join me for another Speed Scrap next Tuesday, October 7th at 1pm eastern. Everyone who participates will get a bonus mini-kit from me to be previewed soon!

    Request email reminder here.

    If you don't know what speed scrap is, find out more information here...

    Newsletter Trivia have found the link!
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    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    I love Speed Scraps!
    This is awesome!

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    count me in!!! Had to quickly do a time conversion...but i'm in!! Couldn't be a better time!! I've always wanted to do a speed scrap.

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    Yeah .. I hope that I can make it. So far my day is empty! These are so much fun!

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    Jun 2007
    Northwest Oregon
    I love these! Hopefully I can make it!

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Oh, I so hope I can make this. I am on vacation and my sister's internet connection is soooo slow, but will try and make it and hopefully stay caught up!

  7. bumparoo...!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  8. OH...these always look like such fun and the layouts that come from it are so fab! Can't wait to see this play out tomorrow!

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    Jan 2007
    NE Ohio
    Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! I think I'll be able to participate!! Sam's first day of preschool is tomorrow and April should be going down for her nap...

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    Aug 2008
    Chilly Sacramento, CA
    Had so much fun with the birthday bash one! Have to join in on this one!

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