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    Candi, most cameras do have a macro option. In all the point and shoots that I've used, the icon on the dial always looks like a Tulip. Sometimes there's actually an option on the dial, but if you're using a super small camera that doesn't have the different modes on the dial, you may have to go into setup on your camera to choose it.

    Hope that helps!

    And, I have to second the photography course - of course, that's a bit of self-promotion there, since I'm the instructor!
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  2. I am new here and this posting answer most of my question..Thank you for all the tips..

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    These are great tips for doing extractions; a little preparation ahead of the photo shoot really helps!

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    Hi @ all,
    I donŽt know if you have it in PSE but extracting works best with the path tool - you can easily go along the lines and also adjust the points youŽve set. So if pse has that you should give it a try. Perfectly clean edges? You get them with lots of patience - just kidding - after i made a path and put it to selection i contract the selection a pixel or maybe two so if i done the path well iŽll get pretty good edges.
    hope that helps

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