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    Ok i use a lot of dreamy look (thats what i call it) effect. Again, this is all in photoshop but those who use PSP can figure it out too, its very simple =)
    This is photo before and after.


    Ok i start with fixing exposure look (see my previous lesson that is located in CHAT forum).
    1. When you are done with exposure make everything one layer (combine them all). Duplicate the layer.
    2. Make the top layer 50% opacity, and go to Filters > Blure > Gaussian Blure and move the level there to the point when you like it the most. Dont look at your main object beaing blurry - we will make it back to being sharp - consentrate on everyting else - like nature around it. When you like the surrounding click OK.
    3. Now get the eraser and erase what you need to be sharp - like i did - i erased people and banch and floor.
    4. Thats not all! we can inhance it even more! select the top layer (i call it Half-Way-See-Through layer because it is 50% opacity and y ou can see through it). Select that and go to Image>Adjustment>Hue and Saturation and move Saturation levels to the right - you will have more colors in your dreammy look =)
    5. You need to make it pop so go ahead and select bottom (original layer) and adjust Contast. I normally boost contarst to +10. That will pop your image natually. You can also contrast your top layer (just see what looks good for the image)...Contrast, Saturation, Levels is the main 3 things i play around and see what results can be achieved with those 3...
    6. Dont forget to sharpen your original (bottom layer) too =)

    Share your photos here. Dont forget to enclude BEFORE and AFTER as well =)
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