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Thread: Gonna feel really silly when I get the answer

  1. Ok ladies... apparently there's a lot I don't know. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by stater View Post
    Ok ladies... apparently there's a lot I don't know. LOL
    Isn't it great that we can actually learn all this new stuff and not feel totally stupid in the process!!!! I still have lots to learn too!!!!

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    If we all already knew everything, could anything and were the best scrapper ever,
    we wouldnt have the need for a community like this.
    Here we can ask "stupid" question, knowing everyone has been there.
    I have been digiscrapping for about 2 years now
    and there is still TONS of knowledge I have not even realized I would need.


  4. Please I know it's not really in the remit, but!!

    What is or are tagger kits? even googling doesn't get me an answer.TIA
    regards XsueX
    ps, I have just signed on, so as a newbie I came here first good job I did, I love the site and Lingo for newbies is a scream as well as being informative. the only thing I knew was LOL.

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