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Thread: Mystery Layout 2

  1. Mystery Layout 2

    Hi Ladies,

    Here I am again, lol, Veronica, go ahead and post your next Layout here.

    Have fun

  2. Where did everyone go?

    Where did everyone go? Did we lose everyone in the switch over????? I know I just happened on this new place to do the Mystery Layout - I guess I didn't read your message good enough to know where it was being switched to - so maybe everyone else is lost and can't find us here.

  3. Hi Jan,

    I was away from the PC almost everyday I thought by now Veronica would have posted, Would you like to post one? I left a link to this thread in the 1st game but probably we were all waiting for Veronica.

    If you want to post feel free. I'm so anxious to see all the new places that are going to be posted.

    If you can't post now please let me know, I'm just finishing supper and will have a new one in a while.

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    Jan 2008
    Mesa, AZ
    Hi Jan and Maria ... I'm also back to see all the photos of the new mystery places. It has been a blast seeing all of the different places.

  5. Just got back, if anyone wants to post right away go ahead, I will take some time still, can any of you post?

  6. Ok Ladies,

    Here is the 1st layout. I'm going to bed but will pm the answer to Deb, lets hope she will be around.

    Let's play. Who will be the first to guess?

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    Hmmmmm.......this is a hard one.......I'll have to go searching around a bit......

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    would it be Greenwich..the international time line?
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    Good guess Anita, I was going to say that also.

  10. Sorry about that Maria. I'm just now seeing your post to me. I'm glad you started the game again.

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