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Thread: I'm nosy again!!!!

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    I'm nosy again!!!!

    Enquiring minds want to know! When is your birthday? I would love to be able to keep track of everyone's so I can send you all a cyber birthday card!!! I got a card making program that I'm itching to play with!!!


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    here's an idea - could we put our birthday's in the forum calendar? Then we could have little birthday parties on forum for each other. I nominate Steph to moderate that, LOL. Oh, and you didn't tell us your BDay, Steph?

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    I second Melanie's idea.......MOTION CARRIED!!!

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    LOL ... motion carried... but we should maybe ask the bosses before we go ahead and do it!!! LOL!


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    This sounds like fun--my birthday is FEBRUARY 19

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    I was so close.

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    What a great idea - this'll serve you right for being so nosy Steph!! ;)

    My birthday is 26th March.

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