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Thread: Templates in PSE6

  1. Templates in PSE6

    I just downloaded the free trial of PSE6 and started to play around with a template. I worked through a tutorial from this site, and can get to the point where I should be grouping the paper I want to use with the appropriate layer of the template. I tried using CTRl-g and it doesn't work and the option to group is greyed out on the layers dropdown menu.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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    You have your template and papers all open and visible in the section at the bottom of your screen. Click on the paper so it shows in the main window. Click and drag that piece onto the small image of the template in the bin at the bottom of your screen (sorry - can't think of the correct name for the thing!). That will cause the paper to lay on top of the template, and all the template layers and the paper will show in the layers section on the right hand side. Click and drag the paper so that it is above the layer you want to clip to. With the paper layer highlighted still, click ctrl+g and it will clip it to the layer directly below.

    See if that helps, if not, let us know and we'll try something else!

  3. Make sure you finish previous step by clicking the check mark, now select the layer that you're working on (the actual paper or whatever...)now press Ctrl + g - It should work.
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  4. Thanks for your suggestions, but it is still not working:( I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Hopefully this weekend Dh will be able to help me figure out why that option is always greyed out.


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