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    Help with bracket and CD shaped layouts please...

    I know I'm probably a real dunderhead, but I just love the bracket shaped pages and the CD layouts. I know I can make them but then what? How do you print them and display them or add them to an album or .... what? Do you have them printed, then cut them out or .... I'm just lost!!

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    You can buy bracket albums and most people have CDs (can also buy CD-shaped albums), so you would create your LO and then print, cut out and stick onto the pre-made albums.

    Or, you could just use chipboard which you have cut to shape.

    Have to say that I haven't actually done these yet, but have looked into it, and this is what I have found out!

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    yep, what she said!
    I've done a few altered tins, but haven't done the bigger albums yet. I'm sure the instructions are the same:
    print (if you print at home, be sure to get a spray to seal the print!), cut out to shape, glue, enjoy.
    ~~Julie P.~~

  4. Some well known names to google are "Maya Road albums" & "Basic Grey albums". These are albums that alot of designers to designing to size and shape wise. I would think scrapbook stores would have them and they are basically precut chipboard albums. You then print, cut, glue and seal as the girls have already said :)
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    Thanks for your help ladies!

    So if you have the pages printed, do you still seal them? And is that a spray or something? I used to print at home but found the pages fading and running. Maybe because I don't know about sealing?? Hmmm.... I'll have to check into this more.

    I've been happy scrapping and printing the 6x4 size at Walmart. Now I'm checking into the bigger albums at Viovio so maybe I should check this out too!

    Thanks again!

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    If they're printed by a company, then they are already sealed.
    When you print them at home, it's usually a water-based ink, and so will run when it comes into contact with something liquid (including Mod Podge). The only way to prevent it is to seal it. I bought mine at Walmart (I've also seen it at Michael's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, etc); it's called "clear acrylic sealer" and it cost about $5 for the spray can. I highly suggest reading the instructions before you use it! I didn't, and ended up breathing in a LOT of fumes because I did it inside!
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    Does anyone know og online shops in the UK, which have these albums?? I haven't seen them at all in Denmark, and it might be easier to get it shipped from the UK than the US. :)

  8. I also have printed some, backed them on cardstock and then cut them to shape. Works great when I don't have the actual album.
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    There are tuts out there. I have all the stuff to do mine.
    I heard you can seal them with 2 or 3 very light coats of Mod Podge, (let dry 24 hours between coats) or use Martha Stewart's sealer, or spray arcylic.
    You have to make sure the edges are totally glued down so they won't come up, and a lot of people sand the edges and then ink them for a grungy look.
    Now that I have all my materials set. I'm ready to start.
    Although my stupid printer is acting up with the black cartridges.
    I'll post some pics when I'm through.

    ps. I heard that after printing them out, glue them down and turn the chipboard over and use an exacto knife to cut around the shape.
    That way it fits perfectly.
    If you have anymore questions PM me, OK?
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