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Thread: Anyone Else Having Kids Birthday Party Soon?

  1. Anyone Else Having Kids Birthday Party Soon?

    So.. Hannah's turning 5.. She loves to have her party at this place here on the Island where they can romp and play. The place give 2 hour increments so hers is from 3-5 tomorrow.

    I tell ya, I'm run ragged with trying to put these parties together for her... I'll be so happy when she's older and can have sleepovers and such ...cuz at this age, it's more of having all the parents there to entertain too that drives me crazy!

    Anyone else know what I mean?

    Ok... off to find the pinata stuff and order the 12 pizza's (lol..for the adults, of course!) and make those goody bags :)

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    LOL... I have a five year old as well!!! I feel your pain!!! Justin's sixth isn't until September, but he already has it planned...

    We are never having sleepovers... can you imagine a house full of boys... no thank you!!!!

    I love my little man, but not enough to have five or six more wild men with him!!! LOL


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    My son's birthday is Sunday, but we are just having cake and ice cream with the extended family. For whatever reason, my kids have never gotten into the friend party thing. They would just prefer to have over Grandma, Grandpa, etc.

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    I LOVE kids parties!! Until last year, I did all of their birthday parties at home - have done everything from Hawaiin beach parties, to rugrats fancy dress to craft parties!!

    But, last year, they all requested 'dance parties'. They all go to modern jazz/street dance classes and their teachers, who are young and full of energy do parties - just over an hour of organised games and dances, by the time they had eaten and played pass the parcel, it was time to go home!!

    Hope your kids both have a great time at their parties :)

  5. Gundimom- I hope that your son has a happy birthday!!

    Debra- you live on an island?

    Up until this point, my children preferred to have family only for their parties, but now that my daughter is in school, she is saying that she wants to have some of her friends over for a party. It's a good thing I don't have to worry about her till late October. I don't have a party to think about until March when my youngest turns baby is turning 3!! *sob!* It just goes by too darned fast man........

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    Oh Enjoy the parties! Mine are now old enough for days out! Thank goodness! Sleepovers are "are great idea at the time" but man you get so tired!! I prefer - one friend only sleepovers - one friend at a time!! LOL
    This year - it is days out all round for my 3!

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    I have had a migraine for almost a week now over my DDs birthday party and it isn't until the end of April!!! She will be 5 as well.

    My dilemma isn't what to do, it is who to invite. She is in the morning session of preschool with 10 other kids. My nephew (DH's side) will be 5 six days before my DD. His mom has always compared the two to death....her son has always met milestones after my DD (but he was a PREEMIE!!!) to that is to be expected!! Anyways she called the school and insisted he be in a different class then Jael, so he is in the afternoon preschool. Well I was just going to have her class over after school at 11:15 until about 3 when some of her friends ride the bus home. Well my MIL and DH think that is totally wrong of me not to invite my nephew. My MIL even told me she will make my life a living h3ll if I don't make the party so Trevor can't come!!!

    I just want to say screw having a party!!


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    Steph: your Justin sounds like my Christopher, who will be 6 in October. He has been planning his party since the day after the last one, LOL.

    Joy: you are a woman after my own heart! I love children's parties, I even tried my hand at children's party planning for a few years. I have had magic parties, zoo parties, willy wonka (my second all time fav), candyland (my ALL time fav), hula, and even a scrapbooking party.

    This year my son wants a 'ghost' party - his imaginary friends are ghosts, LOL - we used to have to buckle them up in the car until I convinced him that ghosts have to have special ghost buckles that are as invisible as they are. Anyway, that is way off topic , how unlike me, .

    My two oldest are teens now, so it's hard. They don't want me planning parties for them unless they include a dance floor or a karaoke machine .

    Brandi: I sure feel for you, but I can't think of a solution that will make everyone happy - I can't imagine dealing with a MIL like that. I suppose having a class party and a seperate family party that includes the cousin and maybe a couple of mutual friends wouldn't be acceptible to the MIL and SIL?

    Debra: you know there are professionals out there that can make it tons easier!

    Anyway, good luck with the parties, everyone!

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    Brandi, I am inclined to agree with Melanie - maybe two parties is the answer! I know it means more work for you, but it might work! Or, get your MIL to organise a party for the 2 of them, if thats what she is insisting on!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twirlyjoy View Post
    Brandi, I am inclined to agree with Melanie - maybe two parties is the answer! I know it means more work for you, but it might work! Or, get your MIL to organise a party for the 2 of them, if thats what she is insisting on!!

    OMG - wouldn't that be perfect! A dual party with some mutual friends and all organized by MIL - paid for her and either at her house or some other location like chuck-e-cheese!

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