Why would you be crazy enough to scrap under pressure like a time crunch? Because itís so much fun!!! And do we ever do anything that doesn't give you participation bonuses?

For the next hour+, every 10 minutes, I will give instructions on the next step to building a layout. After I give the last instruction (there are 7), you will have one hour to complete your layout, upload it to your member gallery and link back here. Please use GDS products primarily when building your layout. If you have any troubles or questions along the way, just post here and I will assist..

Most importantly............HAVE FUN!

Anyone participating will receive my Purple Passion Add-On:

If you participated in the one earlier today and you participate in this one, you will get the entire Purple Passion kit!

And remember to talk lots here in this thread because you could be the one lucky random participant to win a $5 gift card to my store! I pick a post number randomly!

This speed scrap's theme is PEEK-A-BOO!

Ok, here's your first instruction:

1. 1 photo - maybe just eyes or a child playing peek-a-boo. Don't worry if you don't have a photo like this because the overall layout will be a PEEK-A-BOO type when all is said and done