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    I have pspx2 on a my new laptop (well, not so new anymore....but it was brand new when I put pspx2 on it) no old versions of psp on here... never had any problems. I'm running with Vista and it works beautifully. I love does everything I could ask it to. I upgraded from psp8.

    I am self taught but took the PSP Intermediate class here at GDS taught by Daphne....her classes are really great, so if you want to learn more about this program I really recommend them.
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

  2. I upgraded to X2 from V9 last May. I've had no problems with it at all. I've always loved PSP. Been using various versions since V4. Laid off of doing creative stuff with it for a couple of years and used V7 just for photo printing even though I had 9. When I started digi-scrapping last Jan I started with 7 then moved to 9. After a few months when I knew I'd stick with it, I bought X2.

    By the way, I have just signed up for the Beginner class :) Even though I have been using PSP for so long, there are some things in that class that I never understood so.....

    Here I am!

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    I use PSP XI and just love it. I have been tempted to upgrade, but have held back. The one thing that I am not sure of is the lack of being able to drag and drop from the Photo Tray. I use the Photo Tray to gather photos and elements for my lo. This lets me try diferent things without going back to my files over and over. It also saves time. I think I would miss this feature. Anyone upgraded from XI? Do you miss this feature or is it no big deal? I do love PSP and Corel Draw in general.

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    I got PSP X2 last week....

    from QVC and paid only $19 for it. My hubby surprised me with it along with 2 books (from Amazon) that help you learn the new program. (kind of like PSP for Dummies!) I have been using PSP X1 and am changing over to PSP X2 slowly. I had a few problems too when I installed it but found a 'patch' at Corel for PSP X2 and it seemed to fix the problem. Go to Corel and get your patch if you haven't done so yet. Maybe it'll be the ticket!

    The PSP X2 program came in an unusual way----on a reusable 2GB SD card. The PSP X2 is a full retail version software AND another program was on the SD card too>>>Hallmark Scrapbook Studio Deluxe. (don't know if I'll need it but I got it!) Not a bad deal. Karen (aka GatorGirl)

  5. i have used psp x2 for more than a year and i love it ,, tried pse 7 and was so lost lol

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    I have pspx6 the last version ,i love it its a heavy program but its worth it, the only thing i don't like is , i am still learning how to make all the plugins works now i am learning adobe photosho elementas and i really like . good luck

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