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Thread: Christmas in July Brag Book Exchange-Veronica's Santa's Workshop

  1. Here are my 2nd and 3rd pages.

    BB pages

  2. I am still working on mine! I have two done and just thinking about a third.
    It took me a while to cut out the photo part! I am fairly new to PSE and unfortunately with an 18 month old daughter who is now interested in playing on Mummy's computer (UUGGHH), it is hard to find time to learn.
    Hopefully I will finish tonight.
    ~ Louise

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    You can count me in! I made two pages already, here is the link to the preview.

  4. Here are my first two.
    If I get a chance this early evening, I will do another one.
    ~ Louise

  5. I only got one page done, but here it is:


  6. Just noticed this in the forum and had purchased the kit during CIJ - hope it's not too late. Will put page in gallery as soon as it is finished.
    Santa's Workshop

    Hope I'm not too late - just noticed this in the forum as we have been away.
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    Nope, meant for the deadline to be tonight :) Thanks to everyone who has already submitted their pages...gonna be a great album!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  8. Oooppps, I forgot to post the link to my third page.
    Here it is!
    ~ Louise

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    Holly, Did this exchange already go out?? If it did, I missed mine. I know you have several going on at all times, which is a ton of work for you! I just didn't want to miss out on such great layouts! Thanks!

    LisasMom on GDS, PhilsMom on Hello, JakesNana on Photobucket, Vicki in *real* life!!

  10. I was wondering the same thing (if I missed the send out of the exchange) - have been out of town and haven't sorted through all the emails. Great looking papes, so didn't want to miss out.

    Thanks, Holly

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