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  1. Help making a template.

    I am interested in learning how to make a template like christellevandyk made with the word "ROME' attached to the bottom of her picture. It is the one where once filled with the picture, it fills the picture area and the word. Can anyone help with this? I am using PSE5.



  2. Make a box the size the want. Then just type in the word at the bottom. Use a big wide font. I can't think of the best one off the top of my head but you can play around with it to see what looks best. Then line the text up with the bottom of the box and merge the layers. You can add your pic to the top and I think it's Ctrl G to clip the photo to the template. It's been a while since I used PSE5. Hope that helps some!

  3. Christy -

    Those instructions were perfect! Thanks! I love to learn new things and this is just one more thing I can add to my list. Thanks again!


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