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    Tootley Toot Toot!!

    My eldest DD Rachel has been selected form her Karate club to represent them, with 11 other kids, in the British Open Championships in March! It is in Birmingham, i wont be going either so no photos from me!
    But i am just so very proud of her :) Shes only been doing it 10 months. I just needed to share!! hehe

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    Congrats to her..!! That's fantastic.. you must be so proud!

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    Way to go, Miss Rachel... I'm very proud of you!!!

    Gill... when I saw British Open... I thought


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    WooHoo!! Yay for Rachel!!

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    That is great! I can tell you are very proud. Too bad you won't be there with the camera. Maybe if she is trustworthy about such things you can send one along (maybe a disposable) and you could get some pictures that way. People are always willing to help take photos if they are asked. I know I would try it.

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    OMGoodness!!! Congrats to her!!! That is such an honor!!! I am sure some other parents would be more than happy to get photos for you. Tell her congratulations and I am rooting for her!!!

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    Way to Go, Rachel!! This is so exciting!! Beany, you must be so proud!!

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    Many congratulations to Miss Rachel!! You must be so proud Gill!!

    I agree with what Judy said, pack a disposable camera for her, and hope for some good shots....

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    wtg Rach - she has her own camera, doesn't she?? sned her with that!!

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    Hehe She is being trusted with Mums old Digital camera! Its a little better than her own one. Thanks everyone!

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