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Thread: Cool Breakfast

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    Cool Breakfast

    Does anyone like eating parfaits for breakfast? I tried the ones at McD's but wasn't really impressed. I later made my own with Cool Whip.

  2. That sounds yummy to me! I don't like how the fast food ones have frozen berries. I guess it would be easy to make your own with yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola, or whatever else tickles your fancy. I think I'll try this soon!
    Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble

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    Really, I got the idea from The site has a bunch of recipes that are really delicious. I haven't been able to make many of them, but the ones I have made were really good. They even have a Healthy Living section on there for the lighter choices.

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    I used to love Mickey D's parfaits. But they've made them smaller, and they put too much sour fruit in them, and not much yogurt. And I hardly get the granola. I'll have to try the coolwhip ones!

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    I have never had a parfait!

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    Parfaits are the best. Especially if you like fresh fruit. The ones from McD's are definitely different, but that's why I started making my own. The best part for me is that one serving only has 25 calories from the tub and no trans fat or cholesterol. That way, I don't feel guilty about eating it.

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    Hehehe - this thread makes me think of Shrek - when he and Donkey are talking about layers (Shrek meaning onions) and Donkey says something about everyone loving parfaits!

  8. Haha!! Very funny.....I love that movie!

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    mmmm, parfaits! dang this gestational diabetes!
    y'all, when this baby is born, I'm eatin' all the fruit and cool whip I want!
    ~~Julie P.~~

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