What is a speed scrap??? Everyone meets in our forum at the designated time. You receive an instruction at the start time and then a new instruction every ten minutes for a total of seven instructions/prompts. After the last prompt is given you have one hour to complete your LO and upload to the our gallery and link to it in the forum thread.

Here's an idea of how it went last week... http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com...ead.php?t=7158

Why would you be crazy enough to scrap under pressure like a time crunch? Because itís so much fun!!! And do we ever do anything that doesn't give you participation bonuses? And you could be the one lucky random participant to win a $5 gift card to the store!

To accomodate our international community, we will have 2...yes 2...speed scraps so mark your calendars for the following:

(request email reminder)

For those of you who participate in one of these speed scraps you will receive my Dudes with Attitude AddOn.

For those of you whoparticipates today and participated in my Speed Scrap last week too, you will get my Sweet Elegance page kit!